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You always have a wide choiceToday there is a very wide range of health cover available which can be tailor made to suit your own pocket and depending on your particular circumstances.

You decide which choice of hospitals you would like, perhaps your preferred local ones, or a wider geographical list, and perhaps also include the private wings of NHS Hospitals.

You will always be able to choose a health policy which will include hospitals which are convenient for you. You may wish the insurance provider to recommend to you the specialist for your particular condition, or you may choose your own consultant, whilst also scaling up or down your outpatient cover to suit your pocket.

Patient Health will always give you the information for you to choose and balance between the level of private health cover and prudent finance.

We all experience at one time or another health difficulties, It’s not something anyone wants to think about but once you have Private Health Insurance, you will avoid NHS waiting lists and NHS staff shortages. You’ll receive the best treatment covered under a plan tailor made for you. Private Health Insurance is more affordable than you may think – just give us a call to find out.

There are GP help lines, video GP consultations, second opinions from different consultants, and if you prefer, video diagnoses with prescriptions sent through the post – all of these are now available with today’s private health care. There are also exciting reward programmes available and discounted incentives for policy holders.

The ability to bypass NHS waiting lists and avoid delays is now more important than ever in the treatment of acute conditions, and Patient Health will advise you along the process of selecting the right policy, for you.